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Stars practice @ SWIS

Open handball practice at Southwest Indoor Soccer.
Every Thursday, 19:45 - 21:00
Call 832-493-4715 for additional info.
Click on the logo below for directions.



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bullet dede
02 Mar : 05:28
Great opening ceremony! Wonderful friendly atmosphere, and loving beach handball family. USA starts the legacy of Pan-American Games participation in Beach Handball. Despite a valiant effort, the women lost their first game against the host country. The team is improving by minutes. Coming together for the first time ever they showed cohessiveness, dedication and an eagerness to win. I am very proud to be apart of a this great mission, and coach these wonderful ladies. The legacy continues to unfold, thank you for all of your support.

bullet Bogdan
01 Mar : 02:56
Good luck in Uruguay ladies!

bullet dede
18 Feb : 01:28
If you are going to be at Melcher this Monday I'll come to see you

bullet SoOsY_IsSa
17 Feb : 20:31
Martin is more involved with the UH club right now, I need to contact him and meet up with him. They changed the practice to Thursday which I cannot make. But I should be able to attend Monday although my knee gave me issues last semester. Yes my number is still the same.

bullet dede
12 Feb : 11:40
Isa, how are you doing? How is going with the new club at UH? Is your cell phone the same?

bullet SoOsY_IsSa
11 Feb : 03:54
Hey look, my login still works It sure has been a while!!!

bullet Bogdan
05 Feb : 01:47
Open practice at Southwest Indoor Soccer, every Thursday from 7:45 PM to 9:45 PM.

bullet dede
06 Apr : 13:48
We are going to College Station this Sunday. The games are from 1 to 4 PM.
The gym is at 700 Houston St, College Station, TX. Directly across the street is a parking garage, I suggest you park there as most other places need a parking pass from the University.
Anyone having problems with directions, you can call Mark at 936-870-6258.

bullet mark/oldgoalie
15 Aug : 15:30
Thanks to everyone for your support. It was needed and appreciated.

bullet dede
08 Mar : 10:26
Dear Salma,
How are you doing?
Yes, we need to get together! Please e-mail me at -email-
Love you more!

bullet SoOsY_IsSa
08 Mar : 02:10
Hello.. Man it's been a long time since I've been to the site. I miss you all.. Dede, we still need to meet up.. when are your practices?

bullet dede
16 Feb : 00:40
Thank you for visiting our website. I will send you an e-mail. By the way I was in Kenya few years ago to Nairobi, Kakamega, Kisumu, Sabbatia and Serengeti, south-western Kenya - very nice!

bullet elvin
13 Feb : 15:36
Hellow, my name is Elvin Otieno from Kenya. I play handball for
National Cereals and Produce Board Handball club [ currently the kenya
handball league champions]. I am 23years old. I've been playing
handball for the past 9years but unfortunately my government is not
giving it much attention and as a result of that, many talents have
gone to waste! I'm in the national team too but the situation there
aint difrent. We have an organisation governing handball clubs [Kenya
Handball federation] but due to mis management and corruption, we are
still unable to move forward! I LOVE handball and I would like to
pursue it as my career. I am talented and I would'nt want it to go to
waste. please help!? +254726502126 is my nomber, email;
-email-. Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you
in advance.

bullet dede
02 Jan : 21:44
Happy New Year - Prosperous and Healthy!!!

bullet Craig
31 Dec : 21:16
As we begin the new year, the focus will be Dedes' new sport. We need sponsors, donors and players for ASH.Lets make history together. Best to you all

bullet mark/oldgoalie
27 Dec : 02:05
I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and wish everyone the best in the New Year.

bullet dede
02 Dec : 22:53
Dear Dan,
I'm so very happy to hear from you, darling man! I would love to come home for the Holidays. Talk to you tonight!

bullet Dan
02 Dec : 00:44
Hi Dede, Hope you are doing well. Give Justin and I a call sometime. We would love to see you here for the holidays again !!

bullet dede
01 Dec : 13:47
Jay, Thank you for your interest and involvment! You play a vital part in our success. Our best to you and your loved ones! Happy Holidays!

bullet Jay
30 Nov : 19:37
Dede, Great sport and great website. Happy Holidays and best wishes!

bullet Craig
29 Nov : 00:29
Happy Holidays hanballers!
"Piankova Play", first introduced at St. Stephens. is the future of American Speed Handball Intl.

bullet dede
18 Nov : 14:44
Jean, welcome home!
Hope to see you on Thursday at League America at 7:00 PM.

bullet dede
18 Nov : 14:41
Hi Sekulov! We are doing well. Kako ste vie? Pozdrav od mene za vas.

bullet sekulov
18 Nov : 14:38
Hi Dede kako si sto ima novo ovde sekulov od Makedonija mnogo pozdrav od mene za vas a golem pozdrav i za Kostre od Miki Jakson

bullet sekulov
18 Nov : 14:35
hi there

Pan Am Beach Handball Tourney in Uruguay has Texas flavor.
For the first time in over 10 years the USA team handball federation entered a national team in the PAN AM Beach Handball competition.
What's more impressive is how the revamped NGB reached out for help.

Coach Dede holds practice session on South Beach
in Miami, Florida on Feb. 27

The Beach Handball WNT will feature several Texans, when it starts in Montevideo, Uruguay tomorrow, March 1st.
Our very own Dede Piankova will coach a very talented group of women, to what US fans hope to be a podium finish.
Additionally, the 4 day tournament will feature another two other Texans.
Texas State University's Marilyn Elder will make her WNT debut, following on the footsteps of Lucy Leagy - a Texas Team Handbal product.
The other is none other than WNT veteran, Sophie Fasold.

It also appears that all games will be broadcast LIVE [link]

Here is TEAM USA's schedule:

Thursday March 1 5:45 PM ET Uruguay
Friday March 2 7:00 AM ET Paraguay
Friday March 2 3:15 PM ET Argentina
Saturday March 3 3:15 PM ET Brazil

Placement matches will take place March 4th.
Bogdan on Thursday 01 March 2012 - 02:42:43

What's The Score

Check it out every Tuesday on Ch. 19!
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